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Apple Vision Pro: flop or revolution?

Sincerely, we're not soothsayers. We'll let the tech mags debate it on the fly.

We took our time to analyze the opportunities that seemed most relevant to us. Our starting point - as is often the case - was the uncertainties generated by a new launch.

In the end, that's what our job is all about.

"At that price, Apple's not going to sell many"


In fact, Apple plans to sell around 150,000 units. But that doesn't mean the market won't exist.

Think luxury and pro.

Ask an architect, a graphic design agency or a premium home cinema owner how much he has invested in his screens? A pro photographer's screen costs around $2,000.

Apple offers an infinite number of screens for 3,500.


"Meta offers the same thing for less

Yes and no.

Apple builds on all the progress made to date, and adds another layer.

VisionOS is a so-called "real-time" operating system, usually reserved for military or scientific applications.

In a nutshell? Zero lag.

And that, for use as a productivity tool, is essential.


"But I don't quite understand what it's for, really."

You're 100% right.

Despite two or three specific announcements (Office suite, Disney partnership), everything is still to be built. The Vision Pro's dedicated app store is empty. But in a year's time, for the launch, it will be full to bursting.

And we're not immune to Apple being very generous with the pioneers who will fill its store.


  • Take inspiration from the app store's first-movers in 2008 (500 apps released)
  • Think in terms of the end user: pro, fan, luxury
  • Capitalize on what already exists: if you've already produced for VR - notably with the Unity engine - it will be 100% compatible with Vision Pro.
  • Read the opinions of the developers and entrepreneurs who were there at the start of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.



  • Don't think that only fully immersive experiences have a place on the Vision Pro: "2D" ports will be legion, and far less costly to develop.
  • Don't just rely on your iOS developers, it's time to recruit in the AR/VR professions
  • Don't expect a gold rush at launch: at $3,500 a device, the ecosystem will take a long time to stabilize. But you'll be at the forefront


A bit of movement on the savings/retirement front.

Fact n°1: the adoption of the pension reform.

Fact no. 2: the vote expected this summer on the Value Sharing Act, which will require companies with 11 to 49 employees to set up a profit-sharing scheme, an employee savings plan or a value-sharing bonus as soon as they are profitable.

This opens the door to new players who will take the opposite approach to traditional organizations. This is already the case with Gedeon (2 million euros raised at the beginning of the year from Business Angels), which places usage and pedagogy at the heart of its offering. We can finally say that we understand something about PERs.


Over the next 10 years, the water issue is set to take center stage. Several megacities are successfully testing "decentralized water treatment systems".

In other words, each building has its own technology for treating and reusing wastewater. In San Francisco, this is now mandatory for all buildings over 10,000m2.

Of course, Silicon Valley is already on the case.


Totally unknown in our country, it's Tik Tok's e-commerce platform (aptly named Tik Tok Shop).

Launched last year in 6 Southeast Asian countries, it is beginning to worry the giants Alibaba and Shopee, who have witnessed its rapid growth.

According to analysts, it's the rise of social commerce (via influencers) and a mobile-firstgeneration that are pushing the platform to the top.


Food for thought :

📱 1h from New Delhi's Apple Store, Apple's biggest competitor in India: the Gaffar second-hand market (you can't make that up).

🧘‍♂️ A designer analyzes everything that goes wrong in the CRM and email pushes of the Calm app, downloaded over 100 million times

🎙️ If you want to succeed in podcasting, make your episodes under an hour long, with a single speaker, and focus on crime documentaries. In any case, these are the conclusions of this study

💻 Digital Nomads are transforming the world's cities, and not necessarily for the better

🌎 FC Dortmund organizes the first 100% carbon-neutral soccer match

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