[CP] Chango : the startup raises 2 M€ from Via ID and 321founded

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Launch of, the 1st French marketplace dedicated to urban electric mobility.
The startup raises 2 M€ from Via ID and 321founded.

- The marketplace raises €2M in seed capital from Via ID, Mobivia's investment fund and gas pedal for new mobility startups, and the 321founded Corporate Startup Studio.
- Its offer goes beyond the simple sale of micro-mobility vehicles by providing a range of additional services that accompany consumers before, during and after the purchase.
- In a context of strong regulatory pressure for the greening of our cities, is positioned as the reference purchasing platform for clean means of daily transportation.

Paris, March 14, 2023 - In France, the electric mobility market, estimated at €2 billion, is growing steadily, thanks to public investments in urban development, purchase subsidies and environmental awareness. However, the potential of the French online market is under-exploited, with only 3%¹ of electrically-assisted bicycle sales made online, compared to 25% in Germany.

Despite this potential, the transition to electric mobility (bikes, scooters, but also carts) can be difficult for consumers. The market is very large and heterogeneous, the after-sales service network is still under construction, prices remain high and the customer journey is long and complex. All these elements can discourage a part of the buyers. 

Finally a specialized consulting marketplace for consumers 

Through a carefully composed offer, offers consumers a selection of vehicles chosen for their quality, their ease of maintenance and their fair price. Bikes (Gaya, Voltaire, Elwing...), scooters (Silence...), scooters (Ninebot...), quadricycles (La Bagnole...), exclusively electric, as well as accessories, for all uses and all budgets.

The marketplace offers a range of services to make life easier for users throughout the life cycle of their vehicle. The platform provides multiple aids to the purchase decision, to reassure and help consumers find their way around. Comparisons, guides, vehicle tests, video exchanges with a mobility expert are offered, as well as help with financing and collecting subsidies. The buyer also benefits from maintenance services and assistance in choosing insurance. is aimed in particular at first-time buyers, with the aim of helping them make the right choice according to their needs and budget, in a very vast and heterogeneous market, both in terms of price and product quality.

" wants to position itself as the reference online player for electric micromobility products and services. With the marketplace, we wanted to bring a new approach to help first-time buyers switch to electric mobility, one that is more reassuring, more visual and more service-oriented. "

explains Grégory Hachin, CEO of Chango.

"We make the electric mobility experience as easy and comfortable as possible, with support from A to Z.

For brands, an online showcase that enhances and differentiates

If marketplaces are very successful with consumers who are looking for a variety of products at competitive prices, the brands present on these platforms have difficulty distinguishing themselves and highlighting their identity and strengths. provides manufacturers with an online showcase (shops in shop), a dedicated space through which they present their values and their products in an exhaustive and explicit way with the help of videos, detailed product sheets or 3D visualization of the vehicle.

Brands such as Shiftbikes, Brumaire, Biro or Segway already trust the platform where they are already listed.

A first lift to quickly establish itself in France

After an initial test phase initiated in September 2022, this first round of funding will enable Chango to accelerate its commercial development and expand its product offering. 

The company also plans to invest in marketing and strengthen its team. 

The startup is already planning to enrich its service offer from 2023 onwards with, in particular, access to a local after-sales service network, a long-term rental offer and, in the longer term, an offer of second-hand products and the take-back of vehicles at the end of their life.

"Via ID is delighted to announce the launch of in this context of ecological, energy and social changes, with the arrival of Low Emission Zones, it is necessary to accompany citizens in their transition. Beyond electric mobility products, the notion of service is essential to guide choices, accompany usage and post-purchase so that everyday electric mobility is within everyone's reach."

‍explainsBruno Lebrun, Director of Innovation and Partnerships at Via ID.

Chango is the result of the new entrepreneurial model imagined by 321founded, the first Corporate Startup Studio in France. This one is characterized by a triple shareholding that combines the strengths of a corporate with the entrepreneurial agility of a startup studio and the skills of a CEO.

¹TheCycle Observatory of the organization Union Sport et Cycle

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