[Event] Generative AI: innovation to be seized or suffered?

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Breakfast on May 11
Generative AI: an innovation to seize or to suffer?

ChatGPT, the generative AI solution, is currently being debated. Presented as a disruptive innovation, it seduces as much as it is feared.

Beyond the buzzword, how is AI already impacting your industry?

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Axel Parmentier, Mathematician & researcher specialized in data and machine learning;
Killian Vermersch, CEO of
Juliette Morel, Head of Venture Design at 321founded;

The breakfast will be structured around 3 parts:

1 - Under the hood

Do you really know what ChatGPT is? How it works and the predictive model it is based on?

Axel Parmentier, mathematician and researcher specialized in data and machine learning, will talk about the workings of the technology that opens up the field of possibilities.

2 - Visionaries they were

They are revolutionizing an industry with their analytical AI-based solution.

Killian and his associates seized the opportunity of AI before it became a revolution. For 7 years, they have been convinced that "AI will save work". Killian will share his vision and entrepreneurial advice to identify relevant use cases for your organization.

3 - Time to action

Customer experience, business productivity... generative artificial intelligence is imposing new standards that you can't escape. How can you jump on the bandwagon? Juliette Morel will give you the keys to identify the relevant use cases to integrate this innovation into your business.

The session will be followed by a Q&A.

Do you have a project?

Let's talk about it!

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